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Solar Cell 측정 시스템

Simplify Your Solar Cell Testing with
Keithley’s Precision Measurement Solutions

Keithley’s solutions for solar cellI-V and C-V characterization provide the most accurate measurements available without the hassles of integrating separate instruments or writing complicated programs.

Model 4200-SCS
SeMiConduCTor CharaCTerizaTion SYSTeM
  • Fully integrated I-V and C-V turn key solution with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Built-in libraries for extracting key cell parameters, and advanced analytical and formulation tools
SerieS 2400 or 2600a
SourCeMeTer ® inSTruMenTS
  • 4-quadrant design provides both source and sink capability for complete IV

Electrical characterization of a variety of solar cell (Photovoltaic) technologies, including:

  • Mono Crystalline Si
  • CIGS
  • Poly Crystalline Si
  • CdTe
  • Amorphous Si
  • Polymer Organic

Measurement of key parameters including:

  • Open circuit voltage(Voc)
  • Shunt resistance (Rsh)
  • Short circuit current (Isc)
  • Conversion efficiency (η)
  • Maximum power output (Pmax)
  • Doping density (N)
  • Voltage at Pmax (Vmax)
  • Cell resistivity
  • Fill factor (ff)
  • Defect density
  • Series resistance (Rs)

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Solar Cell Characterization Basics Efficiency Testing Made Simple